The Butterflies Befriending Service

Butterflies Befriending matches you with a volunteer Befriender for regular social contact, with visits every week

or fortnight.


Your Butterflies Friend and you might:

  • go along to social groups and community activities

  • have a cup of tea and a chat in your home.

  • Go for a walk


We operate in Winchester, Southampton , Eastleigh, Romsey, Fareham, Gosport.

Priority is given to all ages who are lonely and isolated and have no regular social interaction with others.

We support all people irrespective of age, colour, creed or sexuality.


What won't a Butterflies Befriender do?

While having a Butterflies Befriender can be wonderful and help improve your life both emotionally and physically. Please remember that our Butterflies Friends are all volunteers.  They won’t be able to help you with household tasks or do jobs for you, but they will provide you with friendship and company to alleviate your loneliness.