The  Butterflies Telephone Friendship Service is a free telephone befriending service where one of our lovely volunteers will call you around the same time each week for a chat of up to 30-minutes. The person who calls you each week will always be the same volunteer.

We know that not talking to someone regularly can be difficult and sometimes can increase feelings of loneliness; our Butterflies Telephone Friendship Service is here so you can regularly chat to someone familiar.


We’ll match you with someone like-minded where you share similar interests and are more likely to have things in common.

Our volunteers are not paid and are committed and caring community members who give their time and attention to people like you as part of our befriending service.

Butterflies Friendship Service

The Butterflies Centre. Eastleigh SO50 5GE

info@butterfliesfriendshiip.com      Tel: 02380613828

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